Exciting Changes for 2018 ⚡️


Spring is nearly here! It's the best time to be alive, and my most favorite season!

You might have noticed things have been a bit quiet lately for new releases, and that’s because I have been working with Eyes On Walls on some big changes that we are excited to release soon.

After 8 years of working within the Eyes On Walls brand, we have decided together to take the next step and develop my own website and brand at LoraZombie.com.

I am still working with Eyes On Walls behind the scenes, this will just mean there will be one central website for all of my art, prints and originals, as well as video content, news, photos and collaborations. Think of it as combining what you see at LoraZombie.com now, and all my projects and events and special offerings we create on EyesOnWalls.com. My apparel brand, HEROTIME will remain the same as its own brand and website at HEROTIMEinc.com.

So, here’s what to expect soon:

1) An increased selection of my prints available to browse and order, each in 3 sizes on really nice paper, framed or unframed, including many that were never released before. Excited for this!

2) More focused formats and options - we will be narrowing the options down to what I think is the best way to purchase my work, so there aren’t so many options, sizes, and formats to decide on.

3) One central place for all my art content, videos, murals, collaborations and news.

We will also be taking the opportunity to rethink how we release prints, particularly Limited Editions, in a way that makes sense for my work and the diverse customer and fanbase for it. We want to combine some customers wanting a collectible and special print, with others that want the flexibility of sizes and formats and access to previously sold out limited releases.

We have lots of projects in the works like a new book (!!!!), some really special print releases, crazy ideas for shows and live events, original art and more.

To be notified of the new website launching, be sure to sign up for my email list here:

I'm very very excited to show you what we’ve been working on soon, thank you SO much for all the support as always.


Recap: 'Flaming Heart' West Coast Tour 2017

The Flaming Heart Art Show Tour has all wrapped up and we had a blast! We want to thank everyone who took the time to come out, brace the lines, see some art, buy some art and, of course, meet Lora! She is so happy you did! 

"THAAAT line before opening of my show in San Francisco! I cant believe still... how many people come to my art shows! Thank you! La la Love!" 💙 Lora

It was two weeks full of excitement. Lora was hugging overjoyed fans, signing anything, petting dogs, holding babies and sharing her amazing energy with everyone that attended. They left the shows reenergized and full of joy and so did we!

"Hugs-is the best way of communication between people that just met, for pure energy charging exhange⚡⚡⚡" 💙 Lora

We started in Vancouver BC on May 31st, then we moved down the West Coast to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and then wrapped up in LA on June 10th. The Seattle and Los Angeles events featured a ticketed pre-show live painting event with Lora that culminated in two incredible new works.

The show also provided visitors an opportunity to see 30 new Original works that truly were magical to see in person. Eyes On Walls now has some of this Original Artwork and new Open Edition Prints featuring art from the tour available for purchase.

The widespread appeal of Lora's unique work is clear from the array of people that attended the shows. They spanned all age groups and came from all walks of life united by Lora’s highly interpretive work, each painting holding different meanings for different people. It sure was a magical tour filled with love and unicorns!

"People! I love you! You are amazing! It feels like by the end of FlamingHeart tour im going to be energy overloaded with all your love u give me! Thank you! Happy!" 💙 Lora

Check out the galleries for each event with the links below to see the video recap for each city and all the pictures, you might just spot yourself in some. 

Thank you again for making this tour, the first of it’s kind for Lora, a great success! We hope to have many more in the future. Want Lora to visit your city? Hype her up there and get people to follow her and support her directly by purchasing her work from Eyes On Walls. The more popular she is in a city, the better chance she will visit there 🔥💙

Did you attend the show? Share your pictures with #FlamingHeartTour

Daria Msoeva - HF VANCOUVER (294 of 11).jpg
"Happiest "we made it" feelings! ULTRA SUCCESSFUL EPIC ENDING OF the "FLAMING HEART TOUR"🔥🔥🔥" 💙 Lora

LA LA LA Murals!

Lora was recently in LA completing a special project, so with the help of @brandedarts and @4900gallery she found some blank walls in need of some color while she was there.

Yo #ActionZombie

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She first gave life to the "Lost Angel of Los Angeles"

Lora's work is often inspired by music. The melding of the two mediums makes for some impressive art and her second piece inspired by Big September's song 'Love is the Rhythm' is a perfect example of this.

#loveistherhythm #bigseptember

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La La Love is the Rhythm 💙

Lora Zombie's First Vinyl Toy Is Almost Here!

I'm super excited to be releasing my first ever vinyl toy with Eyes On Walls! Based on my unicorn sketch I have signed thousands of times on my paintings and prints. It will be available in 4 solid colors. Full details coming from Eyes On Walls on Wednesday, January 18th with release on Friday January 20th. Stay tuned and join my mailing list here for all news.


Buy them now at Eyes On Walls! Available for a limited time in limited quantities. 

Full details available now on the Eyes On Walls blog.